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If you think, that you still haven’t found the answer for your main requirement of, getting a bespoke solution for your information technology development need, rather than confining to a specific tariff package, to a conventional overseas development team or to an extra money consuming dedicated HR agreement, perhaps we will have the solution for you.

Our company consist well educated, well experienced and highly motivated human resources who can serve you to give the best solution for your above requirement.

Acnet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd has more than five years of experience, serving to its local and international clientele. We have given thousands of solutions to the world. Many people demand our services based on the word of mouth recommendations. That is the achievement we have earned against our efforts.

Team 03
We have offices throughout Australia and New Zealand and customers in over 70 countries. We have used Acnet for enterprise business system software development and consulting services for two years and have been provided with courteous, professional and prompt service throughout. Great communication, commitment and proactive management have ensured that distance and time zone differences have not got in the way of solid service and product delivery to our customers.

Steve | Global ERP Solution provider- Australia

Team 04
When choosing an organization to work with, three things were critical quality of the work, on time delivery and a professional culture. Without a doubt Acnet ticked all the boxes and have delivered well above expectation.

Tony | Global E-Commerce Provider

Acnet is our back end development partner. I am really stunned what has been Acnet done for us so far. Acnet’s team is very competent, creative and punctual. I am really satisfied about what they agree and finally deliver. Acnet is the ideal place, who has a bunch of packages to give us solutions for all our web, software and mobile application development requirements.

Eshan | Caga Idea- United States

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